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Tree pruning is an important service that can keep your landscape healthy while making your property look great.

Tree pruning includes removing dead or diseased branches from trees. Doing this can prevent the spread of further disease to the rest of the tree, or other trees and shrubs. It can also help the tree grow properly.

Your landscape will look professional and refined after pruning.

When you hire us for tree pruning services, we guarantee that your trees and landscape will look impressive and professionally-done. We take pride in making your lawn and landscape aesthetically appealing. 

Help your landscape with tree pruning today:

  • Keeps your landscape looking great
  • Prevents spread of disease between trees and other vegetation 
  • Helps trees grow properly 
  • A trimmed tree means less falling limbs during wind or storms 

We are licensed, bonded and insured, and we are certified arborists. 

Call 412-464-8030 today to get a FREE estimate on all tree pruning services.


Tree Pruning Pittsburgh, PA - Mason's Tree Service
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